Kid-E-Cats咪好一家/绮奇猫- Season 1 全40集 1080P英语,无字幕视频资源百度网盘下载

资源名称:Kid-E-Cats咪好一家/绮奇猫- Season 1 全40集 1080P英语,无字幕


Kid-E-Cats是由CTC Media和Studio Metrafilms为学龄前儿童制作的俄罗斯动画片。
Three little kittens live in a little town. Cookie, Pudding and their little sister Candy, as any kids, like to play, eat sweets and investigate about things around them. Every day their inquisitive mind leads the three kittens to new adventures. With wise advice of their caring parents, the kittens solve all the problems and everything always end well. With their friends Cupcake, Chase, Boris, Caddy, Sugarplum, Smudge, Mustard, Bow, Raisin Dart and Jerry, they have very fun and interesting times.
Many other cats live in the town. They all have different ways of doing things but it always comes to a common decision. Catspolis AKA Meowli City is a safe and peaceful place where little kittens under the care of their parents learn how to think and take decisions, empathize and be friends. Their names are Mustard, Boris, Chase, Dart, Smudge, Cupcake, Caddy, Sugarplum, Bow, Raisin and Jerry
In every episode, Cookie, Candy and Pudding encounter a situation that requires action. Rather than jump into action, these three love to jump in with enthusiastic and often absurd suggestions for how to tackle the problem: pizza delivery by rocket ship, indoor snow sculptures, or steamroller bicycles.

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