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ARCHVIZ IS ART OR NOT? Dining Room Rendering Free Workshop | 3Ds Max + Corona Renderer

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建筑可视化是不是艺术?⠀ 取决于你。喜欢音乐或文字写作。如果你创造,它可以是艺术。如果你在受苦,那是胡说八道,好消息是你不必受苦。如果您了解创建图像的原则和规则,那么您制作的每幅图像都可以成为一件艺术品。遵循渲染艺术规则,而不仅仅是了解所有按钮和设置,这正是我们在 RENDER.CAMP 中教给您的。

Archviz is art or not? ⠀ Depends on you. Like music or text writing. If you create, it can be art. If you’re suffering, it’s bullshit)) The good news is that you don’t have to suffer. Every image you make can become a piece of art if you know the principles and rules by which it’s created. Following the rules of art in rendering, not just knowing all the buttons and settings, is exactly what we teach you in RENDER.CAMP. Headliner: Daniel Nagaets.