Corona如何渲染逼真的室内效果图 | How to Create Realistic Interior Rendering | 3Ds Max + Corona Render - 有设计

 如何在3Ds Max + Corona 渲染逼真的室内效果图

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在我们的初学者研讨会上了解如何创建逼真而壮观的渲染图!3D 艺术家的客户不仅是室内设计师和建筑师。对于家具、装饰和饰面材料的制造商,3D 可视化也是展示其产品的强大工具。因此,您需要知道如何创建这样的图像来展示您所要求的对象的所有美感和好处。如何将此对象融入环境并将其与能够吸引客户心情的颜色相匹配。最后,您需要以一种让最终消费者产生拥有它的欲望的方式来描述这个对象。下周四,在创建这个内部的过程中,我们还将涉及与商业产品可视化一起工作的主题。

3D artist’s clients are not only interior designers and architects. For manufacturers of furniture, decor and finishing materials, 3D visualization is also a powerful tool for presentation of their products. So you need to know how to create such an image for showing all the beauty and benefits of the objects, the visualization of which you have requested. How to integrate this object into an environment and match it with colors that will appeal to the client’s mood. Finally, you need to depict this object in a way that makes the end consumer have a desire to own it. Next Thursday, in the process of creating this interior, we will also touch on the topic of working with commercial product visualization.